ULSU Job Opportunity - Volunteer Coordinator

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Volunteer Coordinator Job Summary:The ULSU Volunteer Coordinator will recruit, manage and lead the ULSU’s Volunteer Core. He or she will be responsible for organizing both street team promoters and volunteers for all ULSU events. Time will be spent in ways such as planning events, rallying and encouraging volunteers throughout the year as well as appreciation nights for our volunteers. The ...

ULSU Job Opportunity - Policy Analyst

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ULSU Policy Analyst Job Summary:This position will be responsible for both the internal and external policy of the Student's Union organization. They will be a liaison with the current executive on current policies of the organization and will work with an internal review team to rework and develop new policy. The candidate will facilitate this work closely with the Advocacy committee chaired by t...

Multi-Faith Prayer Space Now Open!

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The University of Lethbridge is committed to building internal community and enhancing relationships with external communities; one way we do this is by supporting the religious and spiritual practices of members of the University community from a diverse range of faiths and beliefs. The Multi Faith Room is provided for use by the individual members of the University community (those possessing a ...