1. All correspondence with the Dean/Department is formal.
2. Explain the situation clearly.
3. Submit any relevant documentation such as e-mails, exams, course outline, etc.
4. Keep a copy of everything that you have submitted and received.

SAMPLE LETTER - To the Dean / Department

Current Date

Dean of Faculty/School
University of Lethbridge

Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., _____________________

I am appealing my (grade/status) in (course name & number) on the following grounds.

The reason for my appeal is (describe your situation in as much detail as possible, start right from the beginning and continue to the present. You must include photocopies of all documentation such as medical notes).

As a result of this situation, I would like to request the following; (what you feel would be a fair resolution, e.g. a paper remarked, a grade recalculated or status changed to incomplete. Be as direct and honest as possible. False inaccurate or misleading information will result in guaranteed loss of your appeal).


(Your Name)

Remember:  For any step of the process, do not be afraid to ask questions about things that are unclear to you.  For more information you may contact the Students' Union VP Academic at or phone (403) 329-2770.