About Us

What is the ULSU?

Simply put, the ULSU is an organization that is in place to help make your experience at the U of L as rewarding and enriching as possible. With nine permanent staff, the Zoo part-time staff members, Convenience store part-time staff, five Executive Council members, and sixteen General Assembly members, we work within the University community, but we are not part of the administration. We are students, just like you. We go to classes. We get stressed about midterms. We spend a lot of time studying.

What does the Executive Council do?

Well, the Executive Council positions are annually elected and charged with addressing the needs of students at the U of L.

We represent you to the local, provincial, and federal governments, as well as University administration. We help provide services, like the Health and Dental Plan, Food Bank, U-Pass, scholarships, bursaries, awards, studing funding, clubs, fraternity's, sorority's, smart phone charging stations, food kiosks on 2nd level of the SUB, a convenience store and your campus bar and restaraunt - the Zoo. We also put on a variety of events; concerts in the Zoo, Fresh Fest, Last Class Bash, awareness weeks, and we host an academic speaker series,, just to name a few. The Executive Council, General Assembly members, and staff people of the ULSU all work hard to make the U of L a great place to get an education, but our ultimate purpose is to listen to you.

Council & Staff

The Students' Union is made up of elected student officials, full-time, part-time and temporary staff members.  The governing body of the Students' Union is the General Assembly, consisting of all the elected student officials and an external appointed Chair. Within the General Assembly is the Executive Council, being; The President, the VP Academic, VP Administration, VP Student Affairs and VP External. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding just about anything on campus, simply send an email to one of your student Council members. We are here to improve your university experience.

The Students' Union, the University of Lethbridge will deliver extraordinary service, facilities, programs and opportunities that exceed the expectations of our students. The Students' Union will be recognized locally, provincially and nationally as a dynamic and innovative leader in the Canadian University Community.

The mission of the Students' Union is to provide our students, as well as faculty, staff and alumni a portal to the unique University of Lethbridge experience. The Students' Union compliments the academic programs and enhances the overall educational experience and quality of campus life for students and other members of the U of L family.

As the heart of the student community, we are committed to student success by delivering a diverse program of cultural, educational, social and recreational services. We strive to surpass the needs of our multi-cultural, educational, social and recreational services. We strive to surpass the needs of our multi-cultural student community, create a positive learning experience, and maintain a healthy balance between academic and leisure activities.