Student Representation on Committees

The Students' Union needs people like you to represent your fellow students on committees. There are approximately 50 committees filled every year with dedicated volunteers. Being a student volunteer on a committee is a great way to understand the workings and personalities of the university and may qualify you for more scholarships. Volunteer committee experience shows possible future employers that you have commitment, drive, and a knowledge of how meetings work.

Becoming a member of a University of Lethbridge committee is a serious responsibility, as well as a unique opportunity to speak on behalf of the students. Each committee at the U of L has certain roles and responsibilities for the entire university and attendance is of the utmost importance.  Membership can be both rewarding and exciting. You will meet faculty and staff from around the campus who care as much about this institution as you do. We recommend you use their knowledge and expertise to its fullest.   

If you wish to volunteer to sit on one of the committees presented in the links below, please email your request to our VP Academic at

General Faculties Committees (GFC)

General Faculties Council has standing committees with varying composition and powers and duties all defined.

Senate Committees

The Senate has five standing committees that do everything from advertising for Honorary Degree nominations to organizing visitations and events in Southern Alberta communities.