Official Policy

A.  Definition
Grade appeals deal with claims where a students’ course grade has been improperly determined. Student appeals will be directed to the Dean/Director of the Faculty/School in which the course is taught.

In this Policy “instructor” shall indicate instructor/Supervisor, “Dean” shall indicate Dean/Director and “Faculty” shall indicate Faculty /School.

B. Faculty and School Appeals
1. The student is not required to inform the instructor(s) of an intention to appeal but, before initiating a grade appeal, the student must have discussed the grade and how it was determined with the instructor(s). If the Dean of the Faculty is satisfied that the instructor(s) was not available for this discussion, the Dean shall allow the appeal to proceed without it.

2. All grade appeals must be initiated by completion of a Grade Appeal Form, which must be received and signed by the Dean by the following dates immediately following completion of the course:

Fall semester courses - February 7;
Spring semester courses - June 7;
Summer Session courses - October 7.

The Grade Appeal Form must explain why the student believes that the grade was improperly determined. The Dean’s signature on the Grade Appeal Form indicates that the student has discussed the merits of the grade appeal with the Dean, who is also charged with explaining the procedures connected with the grade appeal.

3. The Dean shall immediately forward the appeal to the Faculty Grade Appeal Chair and send signed copies of the Grade.

4. The Chair shall immediately request both instructor(s) and student to submit any relevant documentation pertaining to the appeal, indicate in writing the name of the Faculty member or student agreeing to serve on the Grade Appeals Committee.

5. The instructor(s) and student must each submit relevant documentation and the names of those willing to serve on the Committee no later than 14 days after the Chair’s request, after which period the Dean may act on behalf of either the instructor(s) or the student.

6. The Faculty Grade Appeal Committee shall reach a date no later than 30 days following the striking of the Committee.

7. The Chair of the Faculty Grade Appeal Committee shall deposit the file relating to an appeal with the Dean within 10 days following an appeal decision by the Committee. The Dean shall immediately notify in writing the instructor(s) and student of the Committee’s decision.

C. Appeals to General Faculties Council (GFC)
1. Either the student or the instructor(s) may appeal the decision of a Faculty Grade Appeal Committee to General Faculties Council. The appeal must be submitted to the Secretary of General Faculties Council no later than 30 days after the decision of the Faculty Grade Appeal Committee has been mailed.

2. The General Faculties Council shall reach a decision regarding the appeal no later than 30 days after the date that the appeal was received by the Secretary of General Faculties Council.

3. The authority of General Faculties Council regarding grade appeals shall be delegated to the GFC Grade Appeal Committee, appointed by General Faculties Council. The GFC Grade Appeal Committee shall consist of three Faculty members from at least two Faculties who have previously chaired Faculty Grade Appeal Committees or who have comparable experience. Appointments to the GFC Grade Appeal Committee shall be for three years, staggered to provide continuity. The GFC Grade Appeal Committee shall determine its procedures and appoint its own Chair.

4. The Chair of the GFC Grade Appeal Committee shall deposit the file relating to an appeal with the appropriate Dean, with a copy to the secretary of General Faculties Council, within 10 days of the decision of the Committee regarding the appeal. The Secretary of General Faculties Council will communicate immediately in writing the decision of the Grade Appeal Committee to the student,instructor(s), Dean (s),Registrar and the Department.

D. Committee Procedure 
Faculty Grade Appeal Committee and Grade Appeal Committee of General Faculties Council.

1. The Grade Appeal Committee shall determine its own procedures. It is understood that the instructor(s) and the student shall have opportunity to make presentations to the Committee in writing, orally or both.

2. Decisions of a Grade Appeal Committee shall be made by a majority vote.

3. In the case of the Faculty Grade Appeal Committee, no member of the Committee shall act as an advocate for either the student or the instructor(s) or otherwise act as a representative of some factional interest. Should the Chair of the Committee believe that the deliberations of the Committee suffer from a lack of objectivity on the part of one or more of its members, the Chair shall so inform the Dean. Following such information from the Committee Chair, the Dean may withdraw responsibility for considering the appeal from this Committee. Where the Dean withdraws responsibility for considering an appeal from a Committee, the Dean shall, following consultation with the student and instructor(s), appoint two members to a new Faculty Grade Appeal Committee who, together with the Chair, shall assume responsibility for considering the appeal.

4. A Grade Appeal Committee is not restricted in its decision to finding either for or against the request of any appeal, but may award any letter grade or any available non-grade designation. This means the Faculty and GFC Grade Appeal Committees can adjust grades up or down, or change a grade designation to a non-grade designation. In the event that an "Incomplete" is awarded, the Committee must prescribe the procedure by which the "Incomplete" will be converted into a letter grade or non-grade designation.

5. A written report supporting any Faculty Grade Appeals Committee decision must be submitted in every case. The report of the Faculty Grade Appeal Committee shall include a summary of the Committee's rationale for the decision. Where the Committee's decisions not unanimous, the report may contain, but is not required to contain, a dissenting opinion.

6. After a grade appeal is completed personal materials must be returned to the instructor(s) and student.

For more information or clarification on the University of Lethbridge Grade Appeal Policy please contact the Students' Union VP Academic at or phone (403) 329-2770.