ULSU History

The University of Lethbridge Students’ Union was incredibly excited to unveil its new logo, to you, the members during 2007-2008. We believe this fresh logo truly embodies the ultimate goal of the ULSU, the reason the organization exists.

Significance of Our Logo

The ULSU is not a department of the University. We are an organization that directly represents the needs of students at the University of Lethbridge. We feel that the logo epitomizes our purpose.

The sun motif reflects our relation to the U of L community, while still highlighting that we are a distinct entity from the University.

The circle represents our dedication to developing programs and services that complete your experience while working towards your Undergraduate degree at the U of L.

Our acronym, ULSU, is displayed prominently to remind all those who look upon it that ultimately the reason we exist is to serve the students at the University of Lethbridge.

The ULSU is very proud to be a part of your experience at the University of Lethbridge. Look for this logo throughout campus; it will touch everything that we do and many aspects of your life here.

History & The Previous Students' Union Logo

Prior to December 15, 1988 when the first University of Lethbridge Students' Union first logo was officially approved by the Board of Governors, the ULSU did not have a logo to represent the organization. The Executive Council of the time saw the importance of identifying the ULSU to its members, and shortly thereafter, developed a logo that reflected the needs of the some three thousand students. This logo was also to symbolize a growing and dynamic bond between the Students' Union and the University.

The logo was designed to link the corporate identity of the University with the Student's Union. The sun symbolized Southern Alberta. The structure the sun is rising over UHall was readily recognizable to most students and administrators as University Hall where the Students' Union office was located at that time.

Flash forward twenty years, to 2008. Students at the University of Lethbridge have more than doubled, with approximately eight thousand individuals working towards their Undergraduate degrees.

Throughout this time the Students’ Union has grown, always adapting to the incredibly dynamic and rewarding environment that is the University of Lethbridge. During the last twenty years, the needs of our students have changed, but our logo has not. Until now. 

To Download a History of the Students' Union 2007, by Jon Oxley, please click on the following PDF link