Faculty Restructuring May 19 2022

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To the University of Lethbridge community

Yesterday, University of Lethbridge President Mike Mahon announced that the University has made the decision to cease faculty restructuring plans. As many university members are aware, faculty restructuring has been a contentious topic of discussion at our university for the last few years. It has gone through many phases of development and consultation from across our university community. Notably, students have strongly expressed their lack of support for the proposed changes. 

The University of Lethbridge Students’ Union welcomes this decision by President Mahon and his team. We are grateful that the voices of students and our campus community have been heard by the administration during this tumultuous time. Over the last few years, students have been faced with extreme uncertainty and stress that has stemmed from class modality changes, the recent job action, and provincial budget cuts. By ending discussions on faculty restructuring, the anxiety and stress associated with its implications has been alleviated. Our students can now focus on what they do best: learning, creating, and shaping the future of our city, province, and nation. 

The ULSU remains steadfast and persistent in our efforts to advocate on behalf of University of Lethbridge undergraduate students. We will continue to support decisions made that take the mental health and well being of all students into consideration. It is crucial that all choices made at this University remind students of their importance and priority here at the University of Lethbridge.

Yours in solidarity,

Kairvee Bhatt, President
Samantha Scott, Vice-President External
Juanita DeVos, Vice-President Student Affairs
Gage Desteur, Vice-President Academic
Coral Skiba, Vice-President Operations and Finance