Strategic Plan 2020-2025

The University of Lethbridge Students’ Union is unlike most non-profit organizations. While we
represent a clear vision, are a self-governed body, and represent a key public interest; we are separated
through our turnover with respect to our governing board. This makes continued initiatives and long-term
goals challenging, however; it also gives us the unique advantage of having fresh ideas and inputs into our
organization every few years.

This document is, in part, our attempt to bridge the disadvantages of the aforementioned high turnover of
the governing composition. The ULSU Strategic Plan (2020 – 2025) is a working document representing
the broad organizational goals we believe critical to the health and growth of this organization. We have
taken great care to craft a strong framework capable of providing guidance to future executives of the
organization while leaving it open to encourage frequent and thoughtful additions/revisions.
Many hours of research, discussion, and consultation have gone into the development of this document.
With that being said, we recognize certain events simply cannot be predicted. To combat this, we
encourage an annual review of this document to benchmark progress, relevance, and likelihood of our
outlined priorities.

This plan is centered around three main priorities which are broad in focus and comprehensive in scale.
Together these priorities encompass the necessary direction we feel we must take as an organization to
grow alongside our diverse student body while staying relevant in the current and projected political