2022 ULSU Budget Response

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To the University of Lethbridge community

We are disappointed and disheartened to see yet another year of budget reductions from the province in the 2022 provincial budget. The University of Lethbridge’s operating grant has been reduced by another $4.8 million, which is a reduction of 5.1%. This is another cut in a long series of budget reductions from the provincial government and since the 2019/2020 fiscal year, our institution’s budget has been reduced by a total of 21%.

Earlier this year the ULSU sent a letter of recommendation to the ministry of advanced education urging them to stop reducing our operating grant any further and laying out the clear impact that these reductions would have on our students and institution as a whole. We have also reached out directly to the Minister of advanced education, and to Lethbridge MLAs communicating the same concerns and emphasizing the negative impact that another budget reduction would have on UofL students. Despite this, in a budget in which the province has a surplus, the post-secondary education sector continues to take massive hits to institutional funding showing a lack of understanding or concern for what it is our students and sector have already had to endure.

Other notable aspects of the budget include the funding for mental health supports and support for students with disabilities which remain unchanged. While we are glad to see that these budget lines were not reduced, we are also disappointed to see that they did not receive an increase in funding which the ULSU has been advocating for.

However, other areas of interest for students include $15 million over 5 years to create bursaries targeting students who are in financial need, $5 million over 3 years dedicated to increasing indigenous participation in the sector, and $171 million to create 7000 additional seats at post-secondary institution across the province, targeting programs that are most in-demand.

Overall we are incredibly disappointed in the provincial government for continuing to slash our institution's operating grant, and for a continued lack of care for just how much of a burden these yearly cuts have put onto the shoulders of Alberta’s students.

Yours in solidarity,

Holly Kletke, President
Ryan Lindblad, Vice-President External
Mitch Nixon, Vice-President Student Affairs
Rebecca Parkkari, Vice-President Academic
Mark Serebryansky, Vice-President Operations and Finance