L.P.I.R.G. Referendum

2002 L.P.I.R.G. Referendum

Held March 13 &14, 2002.


"Do you approve of the Creation of a Public Interest Research Group at the University of Lethbridge, which will operate as a student-funded, student-directed research, education, and action organization pursuing the interest of students on issues of public concern;

The addidtion of a fee of five dollars ($5.00) per semester per student to the University of Lethbridge fee statement as of September 2002 to fund the L.P.I.R.G.;

And that any student who does not wish to support L.P.I.R.G. shall have the opportunity to obtain a refund directly from L.P.I.R.G.?"

NO Votes - 277
YES votes - 679