L.P.I.R.G. Referendum

2023 L.P.I.R.G. Referendum

Held March 10, 2023.

Question 1

"In order to better provide for the Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group, of which all students are members of, do you agree to increase the LPIRG levy by $1.50 (one dollar and fifty cents) to $6.50 (six dollars and fifty cents) per student per fall and spring

NO Votes - 784
YES Votes - 491

Question 2

"For continued sustainability of the Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group, do you authorize the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union to tie the LPIRG levy it collects to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), as determined by Statistics Canada, using 2022 as the base year, in order to account for annual inflation/deflation?"

NO Votes - 611
YES Votes - 664

2002 L.P.I.R.G. Referendum

Held March 13 &14, 2002.


"Do you approve of the Creation of a Public Interest Research Group at the University of Lethbridge, which will operate as a student-funded, student-directed research, education, and action organization pursuing the interest of students on issues of public concern;

The addidtion of a fee of five dollars ($5.00) per semester per student to the University of Lethbridge fee statement as of September 2002 to fund the L.P.I.R.G.;

And that any student who does not wish to support L.P.I.R.G. shall have the opportunity to obtain a refund directly from L.P.I.R.G.?"

NO Votes - 277
YES votes - 679