Calgary Campus Gym Pass Referendum

2012 Calgary Campus Gym Pass Referendum

YES: 95  - No: 37

Referendum Question

“Do you authorize the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union to increase student fees on the Calgary Campus by $5.00 per semester to cover a gym pass at the YWCA and allow the ULSU and YWCA to revisit and increase the fee every two years if needed, so long as it does not exceed Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

The pass would give unrestricted access to the YWCA facilities for all undergraduate students registered in one or more courses at the Calgary campus.  To use the pass students would additionally be required a onetime purchase of a $5 YWCA ID card.  An opt-out will be available for students with limiting physical disabilities.”

Details of the Referendum

This referendum question was presented during the ULSU General Elections on March 7, 2012 - March 9, 2012.  The fee increase will only affect the Calgary Campus students, therefore only Calgary Campus students were eligible to vote. The Board of Governors will be addressing the referendum results in December 2012 and if they approve it, the fee increase will then enter into force in September 2013.

Shahd Mohamad, our Calgary Campus Rep for 2011-2012 worked with the YWCA to create a mutually beneficial proposal that would allow all Calgary campus students access to a YWCA unrestricted membership. The referendum was presented to students because these students do not have access to a gym or workout facility.  A YWCA gym membership for students currently costs $35 per month for individuals who possess a student ID card.