Grade Appeals

The grade appeal process can be a very intimidating procedure for students, and often leaves many unanswered questions as to what should be done next. The Students' Union is here to guide students through this process, addressing any questions or concerns they may have. If you feel that your grade for a course has been improperly determined, please stop by SU180 and talk to your VP Academic.

The Student's Union, the University of Lethbridge
ATTN: VP Academic
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Rm: SU180
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Guide for Final Grade Appeals

This guide is to help students create an effective final grade appeal. If you need support putting your
grade appeal together please reach out to the VP Academic at


  • Email the Dean of the faculty offering the course you are appealing:
    • Subject Line: Final Grade Appeal CRSE 1000A
    • Include your letter (written within the email), your grade appeal form, your course outline, and any other relevant information (assignment outline, communications with professor etc.) supporting your appeal.
  • Deadline for submissions:
    • Fall Semester: February 7
    • Spring Semester: June 7
    • Summer Semester(s): October 7
  • You are unable to appeal an individual item of work through this process. If you have issues with one assessment you must speak directly to the instructor. If denied, you are able to appeal the instructor's decision to the Dean.
  • Your appeal will be reviewed by the Dean to ensure necessary information is provided.
  • If the dean is unable to find a resolution for the appeal they will meet with you to discuss the process moving forward. The appeal is given to the grade appeal committee within the faculty/school. There is at least one student representative on each committee. Once the committee has made a decision you will be notified.

Potential Outcomes:

  • Your final grade will be adjusted to reflect your appeal.
  • Your final grade will remain the same.
  • You and your instructor may appeal the decision to deny adjustments to your final grade to the General Faculties Council within 14 days of receiving the decision. You will need to write an additional letter indicating why you are appealing the decision of the faculty/school committee.

What to include in your letter:

  • Any applicable background information.
  • Specify the grounds for appeal, provide a detailed rationale explaining the grounds for appeal, and include all documents or other evidence to support the appeal.
  • Do you feel you were unfairly, mistakenly, or inaccurately graded (including reasons of discrimination, harassment, bias, inadequate learning materials, instruction, or assessment, etc.)?
  • Have you had communication with the professor about the concerns you have surrounding your grade? Include anything relevant.
  • Why do you feel your grade should be adjusted?
  • Expression of gratitude for time and attention.

Institutional Grade Appeal Policy

Grade Appeal Form