MMIW Red Dress - Press Release

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To the University of Lethbridge community,

Today, May 5th, is a day set aside to remember and raise awareness of the countless missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited Individuals. Today we are asked to wear Red and set out a Red Dress as a sign of hope. We truly hope that all those who are missing are able to return home, and ensure that these people are never forgotten. Since the conception of Red Dress day created by Metis Artist Jamie Black, Universities and Colleges across Canada have taken part in this National Day of Hope and Remembrance. Today we join those in our community and across Canada to remember and honour women, girls. and Two-Spirited people who should still be here with us.

The Native Women’s Association of Canada has stated that Indigenous women in Canada make up only three per cent of our female population but make up approximately 10 per cent of all female homicides. More than half of these occurred in the western Provinces, with Alberta and British Columbia making up the highest numbers. And while violence against Two-Spirited people was not included in those statistics; we know that it is occurring and acknowledge their unnecessary suffering. The University of Lethbridge sits within the original and enduring Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) territorial homelands, and we all have the responsibility to ensure the protection of all Indigenous women and Two–Spirited people who call this land home and who attend our campus. We encourage you to learn about the women who are missing and murdered and help bring attention to their cases. Many families are living without knowing what happened to their family member and they deserve answers. If you are able, we encourage you to participate in Red Dress Day, and remain mindful to what is occurring in our community. While we were only able to access a handful of cases, the reality is, thousands of people are missing, they and their families deserve justice. The ULSU extends our love, and support to all those who are continually harmed by this act of genocidal violence. We hope that the missing finds their way home, and for those already gone, feel our love and know they are missed.

Yours in solidarity,

The ULSU Executive Council
Holly Kletke, President
Ryan Lindblad, Vice-President External
Amy Mendenhall, Vice-President Student Affairs
Rebecca Parkkari, Vice-President Academic
Mark Serebryansky, Vice-President Operations and Finance