Meliorist Referenda

2023 Meliorist Fee Referendum

March 10, 2023


Do you support maintaining and improving essential services that The Meliorist provides by increasing the fee by $0.50 (fifty cents) per year for the next four years to allow The Meliorist to continue supporting students?

Yes      558    
No      717      

On campus, nearly all other fees increase with inflation to retain sustainable operations. Do you support aligning The Meliorist with that and increasing by Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually, as determined by Statistics Canada, to account for annual inflation and ensure the organization's long-term sustainability?

Yes      504    
No      771     


Do you support The Meliorist becoming a year-round operation, which would mean providing services and paid employment year-round, by introducing a $3 (three dollar) per student fee in the Summer Semesters and having it increased annually by Consumer Price Index (CPI), as determined by Statistics Canada?

Yes      350    
No      925      

2020 Meliorist Fee Referendum


In order to better provide for The Meliorist Publishing Society do you agree to increase the Meliorist Levy by $1.00 (ONE dollar) per student as a one-time levy increase?

Yes      514     43%
No      669      57%

For continued sustainability of the Meliorist Publishing Society, do you authorize the University of Lethbridge Students' Union to tie the Meliorist levy it collects to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), as determined by Statistics Canada, using 2009 as the base year, in order to account for annual inflation?

Yes      552    47%
No      631     53%

2016 Meliorist Constitution Referendum


Whereas; The Meliorist Publishing Society, which is the University's student campus magazine, is amending their outdated constitution that dates back to 1987, in order to establish a new Board of Directors and continue operating, under new leadership,

Whereas; This is NOT a request for a fee increase,

“Do you approve of amending the constitution of The Meliorist Publishing Society as proposed in the attached link?”

YES votes: 949 votes - 86.59%
NO votes: 147 votes - 13.41%

Voter turnout: 13.33% (1096 of 8223 voters)


2013 Meliorist Fee Referendum

Held March 2013

In conjunction with the ULSU General Elections, the Meliorist Publishing Society is having a referendum to increase their fee.


"Do you support an increase of two (2) dollars to be applied to the levy fee collected during the fall/spring semesters on behalf of the Meliorist Publishing Society, taking the fee amount per student to $7 per semester?"

NO Votes: 654 (51.42%)
Yes Votes: 618 (48.58%)