ULSU Food Bank Assistant - University of Lethbridge Students’ Union

Job Summary
The food bank is currently overseen by the Food Bank Coordinator. This position would be working with the Food Bank Coordinator as well as the Vice-President of Operations & Finance for specific projects.


  • Assisting with the operation of the food bank. (approx. 70%)
    • Creating Food Bank hampers
    • Working with the Food Bank Coordinator to ensure members are having a positive experience with the food bank.
  • Innovating and Experimenting (approx. 15%)
    • Developing new innovations to improve the Food Bank’s operations
    • Identifying areas of growth for the Food Bank
  • University engagement (approx. 15%)
    • The potential exists to have the Food Bank Assistant sit on several university committees focused on food insecurity on campus.


  • - Assist with the day-to-day operation of the food bank
  • - Come up with innovative programming ideas for the food bank
  • Requirements
  • - Student of the University of Lethbridge
  • - Work in-person and through online meetings

The candidate must be a student enrolled at the University of Lethbridge. Experience with the ULSU or other university entities is considered an asset. The candidate should have a passion for helping students and a willingness to engage with the organization.

Requirements and Compensation
The time commitment for this position is 20 hours a month with a $300 / month honorarium. The position runs from October through April 2021.

Application Process and Deadline
Any interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to Ethan Pullan via email, su.finance@uleth.ca. The final call for applications is October 7th at 4:30 pm . All applicants, regardless of a request for an interview will be notified no later than October 14th.



ULSU Advocacy Relations Coordinator - University of Lethbridge Students’ Union

Job Summary

The Advocacy Relations Coordinator is responsible for internal policy review, as well as,
supplementing some of the research work done within the ULSU. Working closely with the Vice-
President External, the Advocacy Relations Coordinator will assist with on-campus advocacy
work. This includes being up to date on provincial and federal matters to help with advocacy

Duties and Responsibilities:

Working with the Vice-President External and other executives, the Advocacy Relations
Coordinator will:

  • Sit on the ULSU Legislative Review Committee
  • Sit on the ULSU Advocacy Advisory Committee
  • Assisting in coordinating campaigns with the VP External
  • Analyzing internal ULSU policies
  • Conducting internal and external research alongside the VP External
  • Aiding and attending advocacy meetings when available
  • Maintain a non-partisan political stance during their employment
  • Assist in coordinating internal or external campaigns, including a potential Get Out the Vote campaign


Qualifications include:

  • Must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Lethbridge (full or part-time status)
  • Interest in university, municipal, provincial, and federal advocacy
  • Strong writing ability
  • Strong research skills
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Comfortable in a leadership as well as an independent role
  • Knowledge of governmental affairs would be an asset
  • Knowledge of cultural competencies would be an asset
  • Strong verbal communication skills with experience in public speaking would be an asset

Working Conditions

This position will allow for flexible hours, as determined by the individual, working occasional
evening as needed for events. The duties of the job tend to be more consuming depending on
certain political events occurring throughout the year.

Requirements and Compensation

This position averages 20 hours per month, however, time commitments may fluctuate based on
current projects. Paid with a monthly stipend of $300.

Application Process and Deadline

Successful candidates must submit a resume, cover letter, and a one-page written response to one
of the following questions:

  1. What is your knowledge of issues facing University Students’ (provincially or federally)?
  2. What is a policy from the ULSU that you would like to change? What changes would you implement, and why? (ex, structure, wording, intention of the policy, etc.)

Please submit your applications to su.external@uleth.ca by Wednesday, October 14th at 4:30 pm.