The Students' Union is Your Voice on Campus

The Students' Union (ULSU) is an organization that is in place to help make your experience at the University of Lethbridge as rewarding and enriching as possible. With nine permanent staff, five Executive Council members, and sixteen General Assembly members, we work within the University community, but we are not part of the administration. We are students, just like you. We go to classes. We get stressed about midterms. We spend a lot of time studying.

RESULTS - ULSU General Elections

Posted 3 months ago

Download Election Results HERE. New council begins May 1st.


Posted 6 months ago

Come on in for a great meal. Open Monday to Friday 11am-8pm.

Rockerman's Store Hours

Posted 1 year ago

Open 10am - 3pm, Monday to Friday. Located on the 2nd Level of the Students' Union Building.


Posted 2 years ago

What you NEED to know about UPASS. Opt Out DEADLINE Friday, January 22, 2021, on your bridge account.

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

Posted 1 year ago

For ALL students: Private and confidential tools for overall well-being, resilience, and mental health.

COVID-19 Support Links

Posted 9 months ago

For quick COVID-19 Support links click HERE.