CKXU Referenda

2014 CKXU Referendum

The CKXU Radio Society is Southern Alberta's only campus-community radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week via 88.3FM on the radio in Lethbridge or around the world at

The CKXU Radio Society is a volunteer-driven campus community organization committed to providing open access to the airwaves for alternative and diverse programming that reflects and represents the local communities we serve.

Since 1972 CKXU has provided numerous applied-studies and cooperative learning opportunities and positions available to all undergraduate students of the U of L in the fields of arts and culture, audio engineering, board governance, event planning, fundraising, journalism, live broadcasting, music history, and original programming; as well as numerous student and community employment opportunities.

The CKXU Radio Society relies on the continued support of the University of Lethbridge in the form of a $5.00 (five dollars) levy applied per student per semester (which does not currently account for annual increases in inflation) in order to cover regular capital expenditures and operational costs.

QUESTION 1 (Levy Increase)
In order to better provide for the CKXU Radio Society, of which all students of the University of Lethbridge are the primary stakeholders, do you agree to increase the CKXU Levy by $3.00 (three dollars) per student per semester?


YES votes: 615 votes
NO votes: 614 votes


For continued sustainability of the CKXU Radio Society, do you authorize the University of Lethbridge Students' Union to tie the CKXU levy it collects to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), as determined by Statistics Canada, using 2014 as the base year, in order to account for annual inflation/deflation?

YES votes: 669 votes
NO votes: 539 votes

2007 CKXU Referendum

Held October 26, 2007 at 9:00 am - October 30, 2007 at 4:00 pm

"In order to better provide for the continued maintenance operation, and growth of CKXU 88.3 FM (the University of Lethbridge's own campus community radio station) do you support an increase from the current levy of three dollars ($3) per student per semester to five dollars ($5) per student per semester"?

Yes votes 1172
No votes 1076, no answer 59 - (32.47% voter turnout - 2307 of 7105 voters)

(All Lethbridge campus undergraduate students, full and part?time, will realize an increase of $2/semester in their CKXU fees. Only Lethbridge campus undergraduate students were eligible to vote on this referendum question. This excluded: Calgary & Edmonton campus students, exchange students, and out-of-town Co-Op Program students).


2005 CKXU Referendum

"In order better to provide for the CKXU Radio Society, of which the students of the University of Lethbridge are the primary stakeholders, do you agree to increase the amount of the student levy from $3 per semester per student to $7 per semester per student?"

NO Votes 61.71% (1070 people)
YES Votes 38.29% (664 people) 


1999 CKUL Referendum - Levy Transfer

March 17,18, 1999.

"Are you in favour of transferring the existing CKUL Levy to the CKUL Radio Society for the operation of the Campus Community Radio Station once they are declared independent from the Students' Union, The University of Lethbridge?"

NO votes - 128
YES votes - 925


1996 CKUL Levy Referendum

March 6, 1996.

"Do you want to have your campus radio station, CKUL, on stereo FM for $3.00/semester/year/student?"

NO votes - 253
YES votes - 450