Virtual Doctors

Direct2U Doctors

Direct2U Doctors gives you access to :

•             Virtual medical consultations
•             Diagnose, prescribe and refer for minor ailments
•             Private & Confidential
•             No out of pocket costs
•             Next day prescription delivery (Select Alliance Pharmacy at the end of your exam)

Direct2U Doctors puts Canadian telemedicine services at your fingertips by providing virtual consultations with medical practitioners for minor illnesses via computers, tablets, and smartphones. Whether you are a domestic or international student seeking certified medical attention, Direct2U Doctors triages you based on your specific needs for a customized experience.  Safe, convenient and affordable, the Direct2U Doctors medical team can provide diagnosis, alternate remedies, and/or prescriptions for a multitude of conditions.  Coordinate prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice, complete with wellness checkups, all from the comfort of your campus, dorm room or home.  You can even access next business day delivery of your prescriptions for free with Direct2U Prescriptions by selecting Alliance Pharmacy as your pharmacy of choice at the end of your exam.  

Click HERE for a complete listing of all conditions covered by Direct2U Doctors Smart Exam. 

Access to this service is dependent on valid and in force provincial health care. If you are an international student with private insurance, including GuardMe, you will be billed up front for your service. If you wish to make a claim with your private insurer, visits are subject to adjudication in accordance with your insurance policy. Please consult your insurance policy to determine if virtual / telehealth medical services are eligible.

Any and all denied claims must be addressed with your insurance company and not with Direct2U Doctors or Student VIP. 

If you are a domestic student and have Provincial Health Care, click HERE to get assessed.