Explanation of your Students' Union Fees

Not only do Student Unions exist to provide services and scholarships but they are also a network of representation and lobbying spread right across the country. All students enjoy or realize a real and tangible benefit from them on a regular basis. As individuals, students may not realize that their income tax benefits and increases in monthly living allowances came from years of federal committee work by student interest groups. Your local Students’ Union fights to amend and keep tuition fees as low as possible and offer a wide variety of services including scholarships, emergency loans and health and dental benefits at a reduced rate.

Other fees are collected by the Students’ Union as the result of student referenda on behalf of other student organizations: the Campus Women’s Centre, Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group, World University Service of Canada Uleth and CKXU Radio. The Students’ Union receives these fees from the University on behalf of the these organization and turns them over to the respective agency. In the interests of accountability, the Students’ Union and University are obligated to monitor agencies which receive public monies.

(Note: The Meliorist campus newspaper fees are not collected by the Students’ Union but by the University of Lethbridge who then distributes these monies directly to the Meliorist.)