Step by Step Process


  • First, you should talk to your professor to determine how your final grade was calculated. You should also make an effort to discuss your concerns with the professor.
  • If you are still unsatisfied with your grade, prepare a letter that clearly outlines the situation and your concerns. Along with your letter, submit any relevant documentation such as e-mails, exams and course outlines. A sample letter can be found on this site.
  • When your letter is complete, take it to the appropriate Dean’s office and fill out a Grade Appeal form. Different Dean’s are responsible for different faculties/schools within the university. Depending on which faculty/school your class was in, you can find the appropriate from at one of the following:       
  1. Dean of Arts and Science - A570
  2. Dean of Education - TH421
  3. Dean of Fine Arts - W620
  4. Dean of Health Sciences - M3083
  5. Dean of Management - M4117

You should also be conscious of the Grade Appeal DEADLINES:

             Fall semester courses - February 7th
             Spring Semester courses - June 7th
             Summer Sessions courses - October 7th

This means that your Grade Appeal form has to be in to the Dean before the date mentioned above.

  • You will also have to appoint an individual to serve on the Grade Appeal Committee.  This should be someone who understands the Grade Appeal process, as well as university policy, and is able to objectively present your concerns to the committee.  Part of the VP Academic's job is to serve on the Grade Appeal Committee, so do no hesitate to appraoch the Students' Union for a reliable individual.  You cannot appoint yourself.
  • Once your form has been processed and you have appointed an individual to serve on the Grade Appeal Committee, a meeting date will be set.  You may want to appear at the meeting in order to present your concerns and answer any questions the committee may have.  However, you do not have to be there.

    Please contact the Students' Union VP Academic at for more information or to set up an appointment.