VP Student Affairs - Juanita DeVos (she/her/they/them)

Oki and Hello!

My name is Juanita Devos. I am a mature student studying Human Resources & Labour Relations Management at the University of Lethbridge with a prior degree in Theatre from the University of Guelph, Ontario. There, amongst other things, I served as the Vice President of the Drama Students Federation. The professional experience that I bring to this position includes being Production Manager of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, Co-producer of the Windy Castle Medieval Faire (Lethbridge), and a Microsoft Skills trainer.

It has been said of me that, where others see problems, I see possibilities. They are not wrong. I am also a puzzler (I like puzzles), and a gamer (I was the first female Adventurer’s League GM for Lethbridge), and I really enjoy finding ways to prove that ‘impossible’ is not usually true.

I am a mom of two amazing and creative university aged children and am married to a U of L faculty member. I seek to value the richness of everyone’s unique culture, background, and/or lifestyle, and I don’t believe anything like skin color, gender, belief, physical/mental ability, or anything else has any bearing on the innate value of each living being and their right to be treated with respect and understanding.

I am deeply honored that the student body elected me to this position and know that it is to you that I am ultimately responsible and accountable. It was while sharing thoughts and dreams with my fellow students during the Spring semester’s trials that my goals and responsibilities for this term were formed.

I have always found it valuable to clarify my goals in a single word to maintain focus and achieve them. That word for me in this academic year is:


Throughout this year as we pull away from Zoom return to on-campus in-person classes, the focus of my efforts will be on finding and supporting ways to re-establish connections between students and their on-campus social, health and academic resources. The events I plan, and the focus of my advocacy will be on supporting what students need to have a supportive, fulfilling, and brilliant university experience.


Contact Juanita DeVos

Tel: (403)795-5622
E-mail: su.studentaffairs@uleth.ca