VP Student Affairs - Mitch Nixon

Hi there! My Name is Mitchell Nixon, I am honoured to be serving as your Vice President, Student affairs for the 2021/2022 Academic year. 

I’m a fifth-year business student enrolled in a Bachelor of Management Majoring in General Management with a minor in supply chain. I’ve had plenty of experiences in my time here within the local Lethbridge community, the University community and being on the ULSU General Assembly which has led me to the VPSA position at the ULSU. I look forward to continuing executing and bringing a brand-new energy to the position!

A little bit about myself personally. I enjoy many things, among them playing piano. I’ve been playing for years and find it a great expression tool. I also am huge into golf. 

Now, this position is focused on internal matters to the university community and above all, ensuring that every student is properly represented and that every student has an equitable, opportunistic, and comprehensive time at the University of Lethbridge.


This year has been tough. We all know that. Here is what I’m going to do about it. Bring a lighthearted, focused viewpoint to the VPSA position and see what we can do to make this a memorable year. Now, I campaigned on several different objectives. I shall continue by highlighting and expanding on a few of them here. Firstly, combatting student apathy. This is rising problem in the university, and I know I have sure felt it as a student. Let me tell you, the best thing I did for my university experience was getting involved in the community, joining a club, or just talking to new people. These types of experiences are paramount to supporting your education, I believe. I plan on increasing club awareness on campus as well as promotion of events and initiatives put on by clubs and the SU to help students really get out there and make the most of their time at university. I also will myself as accessible as possible to you, the students to provide my help and collaboration between all events/initiatives and questions you might have. I also appreciate that university and the stresses that come along with it affect everyone in a different manner. I stay committed to improving mental health among student on campus. 

In addition to all this, I would LOVE to bring my energy to large in person events. Now with the COVID landscape this seems rather unrealistic but given the opportunity I would absolutely love to bring back cabarets and help promote and host fun student events at the zoo once again for the students’ enjoyment. I would also love to make LCB 2022, the best LCB in the books. All we can do is hope that COVID doesn’t get any worse for us as a population. This is what any large-scale event will be dependent on. 

I intentionally don’t want to make this blurb longer than need be, so with that said, if you’d be interested on learning more, or have questions, or would like to connect otherwise; please don’t hesitate to reach out. I check my email faithfully and I would direct you there for a prompt response. 

I look forward to seeing everyone around campus, if you see me around, say hey! I love meeting new people. 



Contact Mitchell Nixon

E-mail: su.studentaffairs@uleth.ca