VP Student Affairs - Amy Mendenhall

Hello! I am so excited to be serving as your Vice President Student Affairs of the 2021/2022 school year! I am a fifth year Indigenous and Social Studies Pre – Education student and have been in post-secondary off and on for ten years! I graduated from the Red Deer College Educational Assistant program in 2014, and then moved to Southern Alberta with my husband Logan. Together we have three daughters, Jubilee and Jayla who are our five-year-old twins and Willow who is three. I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography in 2017 with a professional photography certification, then I went to the Lethbridge College for a year before joining our university community in 2019. 

My volunteer experience is long, but I will try and get as much of it here as possible. I have been volunteering since I was a kid and was volunteering long hours as soon as I was legally allowed. I volunteered my time at the Zed 99 Haunted House for a few years by building it and acting within in, Festival of Trees in every place they would let me, I was a councillor in training at Camp Alexo, volunteered with Central Alberta Refugee Effort and I volunteered in multiple units in the Red Deer Regional Hospital. In my high school I was a member of the Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice club, The International Students Club, The Yearbook Club, I shaved my head for cancer research in 2012, I fundraised for bowl for kids, was a member of one of the first GSAs in Alberta, and I fundraised for Tsunami relief. At the Red Deer College, I was elected as a student representative, I was in Glee Club, the Students Against Human Trafficking club, fundraised for and succeeded in helping a student who was a refugee from Somalia get her sister released from a prison in Somalia and helped bring awareness to the ever increasing refugee situation in Somalia. I also volunteered with Blood Drives on campus. In 2005 I was awarded the Young Citizen of the Year Award for Red Deer Alberta, as well as multiple scholarships for my hours spent advocating for those unable to fight back themselves. 

While I have been busy being a mom for the last six years, I have not stopped advocating. I have been involved with bringing awareness to the continuing genocide of the Indigenous people of North America, with focus on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, I took part in multiple protests with Idol No More, and most recently with Black Lives Matter. I have also supported through protest LGTBQ+2 rights and safety in Alberta, as well as any protest that I can get to. I am active online, defending and protecting those who need it, and continue to use my social media platforms to raise the voices of those who need it. While I am what some call a “mature” student, with age comes experience and I am excited to continue to use my knowledge to support students on campus. I look forward to bringing fun back to campus and cannot wait to meet all of you.

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PH: 403-329-5155
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