VP Operations & Finance - Mark Serebryansky

Dear students,

I am honored to be your Vice President Operations and Finance for the 2021/2022 academic year. The portfolio I oversee has two main components, one half of the portfolio focuses internally on the operations of the ULSU, this consists of but is not limited to: the organization’s financials, policies and practices. The other side of the portfolio is outward facing and works with external stakeholders, forging strategic partnerships, and sponsorship and donor relations. Both are equally important and are a big factor in why I chose to run for this position. Ultimately, regardless of what I am able to accomplish this year, I swear to be much more than a Chief Financial Office for the ULSU.

The three main ideas I campaigned on are, innovation, accessibility, experience. Innovation is a necessary force when it comes to creative problem solving, the U of L, and by extension the ULSU is limited by its capacity and budget as we are on the smaller end of Comprehensive Research Universities in Alberta. That being said, we make do with our resources and can make them stretch much further if we rely on innovative forces that we have at our disposal in our university community. Accessibility, in a university setting is a tall ask, but as students and as representatives of the student voice we need to advocate for and organize for as much grass root decision making that our organization and university allows-- this ensures that problems are getting resolved by those closest to the epicenter of the situation. Lastly, my two years on the ULSU and multiple other experiences are important to helping me achieve the goals and satisfy the needs of students, I will not only use my experience on this campus to improve the student experience, but I also I want to open doors for students for more opportunities to have a high calibre experience that goes beyond their education. Whatever the year has in store, these three foundational concepts will be at the forefront of my decision making and representation. Although I wish to expand and improve this role in every which way I possibly can to support students, the 3 key areas I have personally identified and will spend the majority of my term pursuing are the following:

  1. Student Union Building Renovation Plan: It is beyond overdue to address the lack of service offerings and the quality of services inside the Students Union Building, and as well what we want this campus destination to offer to students and the rest of the U of L community. This plan will evaluate the Zoo, the SUB Food Court, the other services within the building, and the ULSU offices and club spaces. This year I will strike up a committee to begin the steps of consultation, research, and capital planning to ensure a multi-year plan is approved to improve this very important hub that will not only provide important services for students but will bring the ULSU more opportunities

  2. Student Representation: This goal has two main components, one of which is related to my pillar of experience. The first goal is to develop more work integrated learning opportunities internal to the ULSU so that not only can we expand our efforts in terms of having more human capital to achieve goals such as better events or more successful advocacy campaigns. In addition to this I’d like to add a student employment page to the website where we have opportunities for students for non course based employment. The second part of this goal is getting back on the Budget Advisory Committee which is one of the most important committees that requires student representation. We mysteriously lost our seat on this committee in October 2019, and have definitely felt the ramifications of not having this important committee to advocate for students on. This involves advocating to upper administration, and utilizing other campus partners in order to work together on getting back on this important committee or any other bodies where student representation is necessary as the face of post secondary education changes in the province.

  3. Health & Dental Plan: The current financial model for the Health and Dental plan is unsustainable, and currently the ULSU is doing everything in its power to ensure we have autonomy over our plan as the health and dental plan is synonymous with the ULSU and student support. We have already begun to work on a terms of reference for a Health and Dental plan task force in order to begin steps to rectify this situation. Although the future looks grim if we do not adjust course, I am certain with creative solutions and student consultation we will be able to overcome this hurdle and actually come out with an improved service that will benefit the most amount of students we possibly can.

I hope to achieve everything in this plan, alongside the rest of my fellow executive council and student leaders in the general assembly, we can continue to improve the student experience and make the U of L live up to its name as a Destination University.

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