VP External - Samantha Scott (She/Her)

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Scott and I am the VP External. Currently, I am finishing a BA as a Political Science major with hopes to pursue a master’s and PhD in the future. As a student, I enjoy studying the theoretical side of politics, both the philosophy aspects as well as theories of how countries compare and relate to each other. Throughout my journey here at the U of L, a focus of mine has been to support marginalized voices in academia. Differing perspectives are crucial for building prosperous communities and knowledge bases. For this reason, I decided to become more involved within the University community by participating as a Board Member on LPIRG and serving as President of the Association of Political Science Students. Being involved with these groups has been such a positive experience and has made me realize that I can use my knowledge surrounding politics to try and improve the atmosphere of the university for my fellow students. While politics is truly my passion in life, when I am not studying, you can find me singing in opera performances or taking care of the copious amount of plants that have somehow taken over my living room!

The role of the VP External is to represent the U of L students in front of all levels of government. As such, I am the primary delegate on CASA (Canadian Alliance of Students Associations) and the CSA (Calgary Student Alliance, among other advocacy bodies. Excitingly, I was also elected to be the Chair of CAUS (Council of Alberta University Students), which will be a wonderful opportunity to represent the ULSU on the provincial stage. While federal, provincial, and municipal governments have very different relations to the University, healthy cooperation at all levels is crucial for the U of L to be its best self. Community relations are also extremely important for how the University operates. The identity of the University and the city of Lethbridge are effectively intertwined, and for this reason, it is important for the community to be engaged with what is happening on our campus. 

The main component of the VP External role is external advocacy for students. This advocacy focuses on aspects of the university experience such as tuition, support for mental health programs, the promotion of diversity, and the prevention of sexual violence, among other things. During my time at the university, I have had the chance to work for some of my professors, take a wide variety of classes, and most importantly, get to know many of my fellow students. Each person has brought such a unique perspective to discussions both inside and outside of the classroom and has improved my university experience. I am so grateful for every single student that I have met, and I would love to repay this by advocating for the student body and making the university a better place for current and future students. 

I was inspired to run for VP External through a combination of my passion for politics and my resentment of post-secondary cuts. One of my main goals is to fight against tuition increases, as well as program cuts. We are professionals in the making, and the rising cost of tuition is impeding our path to success while diminishing the quality of our education. As students play a crucial role in the university community, I also want to ensure that there is a much higher level of transparency and communication between all aspects of the University (including the ULSU) and students. If changes or restructuring are going to occur, the University must communicate this in a concise and timely manner with all students. 

Throughout the last year, I have heard numerous complaints about the changes that took place pertaining to the transit system in the Fall of 2021. I want to hear from students directly on how the transit system could be improved and present these suggested changes to the municipal government. It is crucial that students have a reliable mode of transport that can get them to and from classes in a safe and timely manner. 

A final focus would be on promoting Liberal Education within the university and community. I have taken many classes at CASA (part of the Allied Arts Council of Southern Alberta) and it always amazes me how doing something creative can improve concentration when it comes to schoolwork. As a Liberal Education university, I would love to try and make those art classes more accessible to students. Liberal Education creates well rounded students, promotes critical thinking, and provides opportunities for expression. These are all things that benefit both the University and the City of Lethbridge. 

Creating an open line of communication between myself and all university students is very important for me, so as always, if you have any questions/concerns/comments/suggestions please feel free to reach out at any time. I am very excited to work diligently this year to provide U of L students with the advocacy they deserve. 

Contact Samantha Scott

Tel: (403)-329-2780
Email: su.external@uleth.ca