VP External - Ryan Lindblad

My name is Ryan Lindblad and I am your VP External. Last year I had the pleasure of sitting on the ULSU General Assembly as an Arts and Science Representative, and it has been the most rewarding experience I have had since arriving here. Serving on the General Assembly has only made me want to become more involved with the ULSU going into the next academic year, and has also made me want to take on a larger role. When first coming to the University I was more focused on simply doing well in my classes and enjoying my new circle of friends, but I was not the most involved student outside of the classroom.  

Serving as a Arts and Science Representative last year introduced me to so many new people that I have worked with, and also taught me so much about the ULSU that I didn’t know. Once my foot was in the door, I went from being a rather unengaged member of the University, to someone who was looking for opportunities to get involved, as it has been such a gratifying experience to become a more engaged member of the university community. 


I ran for this position because I have always had a passion for politics, advocacy and representation. Being th VP External is allowing me the opportunity to serve on behalf of my fellow students to ensure that we are heard and can fight for what we need. 

One of my most important priorities includes avoiding another increase in student tuition, which the school could go through with again. Just as the University increased tuition 7% in this last year, they have the opportunity to increase it by the same amount again. The possibility of a 14% increase in tuition over 2 years is simply far too high for some Students to be able to accommodate, and avoiding this possibility would be one of my highest priorities. Another Initiative of mine is to lobby for an increase in mental health services on campus which have been experiencing cuts under the current provincial administration. For many in our community these services are essential to their success at the university and the cutting of these programs can be devastating. Lastly, increasing the availability of financial aid to struggling students is yet another topic which I would focus on addressing during my advocacy and lobbying work, as these programs extend past what we see on campus and can be essential to assisting in a struggling students personal life as well. I believe that an education system should operate on the basis of allowing students with talent and intelligence the ability to thrive in university. Watching economic status become a factor that could limit a student's capabilities of continuing or entering university, is something I am greatly concerned with.  

Working alongside our counterparts in CAUS and CASA is also of great importance as I believe unity and cooperation with other post-Secondary institutions is the most productive path forward to accomplishing these goals.  

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