Residence Rep - Parker Bijl

I am a 4th year Kinesiology/Education major and currently live in Mt. Blakiston House. Residence here at the University has become my home for the past three years and is something I am passionate about. I am your Residence Rep/ORS president because this organization has helped me become the person I am today. When I first came to this school, I came with a clean slate and this organization helped me develop the foundation to create lasting friendships, do better academically, and most importantly give it all right back to the residents. This past year being a Vice President has given me the taste of leading and watching a facility flourish and has reminded me why I do this job. With that being said, I believe I can not only do that for all of ORS, but the residence community as a whole. My goals are to first, continue establishing a partnership with Pronghorn athletics and building off what was achieved this year, be more available to the Operation team and have them collaborate with each facility, and lastly create a better and more open communicated relationship between the Students Union and ORS. These are a few things I am excited about.

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