President - Holly Kletke

Hello there! My name is Holly Kletke and I am humbled to be serving as your Students’ Union President for the 2021/22 school year. For those who don’t know me, I am enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Music and Education combined program. I have been a representative of the Students’ Union since my first year in 2018, as first year representative and then as fine arts representative. I have also been a residence assistant with the Organization of Residence Students for the past 2 years, and an executive officer and the President of the Student/Alumni council PACT. This past year, I was elected onto the board of the Interfaith Foodbank of Lethbridge. In my free time (*insert joke about not having any free time here*) I like to play guitar and sudoku, watch The Office endlessly, and sip some iced coffee, as you might expect.


This past academic year has been challenging, in more ways than having to hear the word “unprecedented” an unprecedented amount of times. To begin my term, I’d like to start by learning how to be funny without using an “unprecedented” joke. That has definitely become the overused crutch to my exceedingly terrible attempts at humour, my apologies. Unfunny jokes aside; the University of Lethbridge and the post-secondary landscape has, and will continue to be impacted by a period of vast change. The University and its students have been forced to adapt to more than one challenge, and I am confident that this year’s ULSU will be able to rise to the challenges of 2021.

To define the main goals I have for this year is a challenge equal to battling my predisposition for hyperbole. Just kidding, I can stop when I want. Within the ULSU, I am so impressed and proud to belong to a General Assembly of incredible student leaders, who I hope to empower, encourage, and support in their individual goals for serving their constituents. Within the institution, it is no secret that a fundamental shift in the systems that operate the UofL is underway; therefore my priority is to faithfully represent the best interest of students throughout these conversations. I intend on dedicating the same principle and fervour of advocacy when engaging in provincial and federal post-secondary conversations. Additionally, I would like to state my intention for re-fostering a culture of zero tolerance for sexual violence, bullying, harassment, and discrimination. We, the students, have spent a year away from one another, a challenge that has been taxing in its own right. But I want to ensure that when we do get to see one another again, we belong to a campus community that treats one another with respect, dignity, and kindness. The return to campus is our chance as students to dedicate ourselves to cultivating a supportive and positive community, a virtue that I have seen from many of the students that I’ve interacted with over the course of my degree.

Most of all, I am here to support you, the students. I welcome and invite you to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or just to chat. My inbox is always open. Thank you!

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