ULSU x Nimbus Learning

The ULSU x Nimbus Group Study Program is a service that facilitates group study sessions with like-minded individuals at your convenience, free of charge. Every group leader is an enthusiastic student volunteer in your course who wants their peers to achieve academic success by hosting regular productive study sessions.

The University of Lethbridge Students' Union has partnered up with Nimbus Learning, a mobile learning platform provider, to ensure that we can easily provide support at the University of Lethbridge while making the booking, communication and scheduling process as easy as can be.

Click here to get the App: https://nimbuslearning.com/get-the-app/

Join the ULSU Clubs & Student Involvement Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tauRpckpgF

Become a Facilitator!

The Students Representative Council is also looking for enthusiastic students who would like to volunteer as group leaders. As a group leader, you can gain valuable leadership experiences and it’s a great opportunity to get to know your classmates!

If interested, please email William Baliko at w.baliko@uleth.ca with the course(s) you would like to be a group leader in. 

Group Leaders agree to familiarize themselves with the University of Lethbridge's policy on academic integrity and to meet either in academic buildings on campus or other locations provided on the app, or to meet through the online meeting rooms provided by the app.