Indigenous Rep - Nathan Crow (he/him)

Oki nitaaniko Ponokohkyiaao (Hello, my name is Elk Bear); My English name is Nathan Crow, and I am a 29-year-old Blackfoot male and member of the Kainai First Nation. I grew up in Lethbridge my entire life, and as an Indigenous person, I believe this has enabled me to walk in two worlds and see the world through a two-eyed seeing lens. It wasn’t until I returned to school at the University of Lethbridge in 2019, that I was introduced to these terms which I feel are a great definition and representation of how I see the world and choose to walk through it. I plan to use this concept of two-eyed seeing and my experience of walking in two worlds to achieve my initiatives as a member of the Students’ Union Council, which will mean using the strengths of both cultures to actively collaborate with both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous demographic at the University of Lethbridge and surrounding community.


My initiatives as a member of the Students’ Union Council will be to work closely with Iikaiskinni (Indigenous Student Centre), the Indigenous Student Success Cohort, the Indigenous student body and other Indigenous programs, services, departments and clubs within the uLethbridge community to ensure that the Indigenous demographic is actively participating in community and campus events in collaboration with other uLethbridge programs, services, departments and clubs. An additional initiative, will be to continue the University of Lethbridge’s priority to Indigenize the institution, which is also known as Indigenization inclusion, and is defined as “… increasing Indigenous faculty and student admission. This approach focuses on addressing the need to accommodate Indigenous faculty, staff, students, and communities in overcoming obstacles, so they are successful within the academy” (Gaudry & Lorenz, 2018). I plan to achieve these initiatives by engaging with the Indigenous demographic internally within the uLethbridge community, and externally through the advice, guidance and support of community Elders, professionals, and academics.

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