2006 U-Pass Referendum

A vote for the referendum regarding a citywide bus pass was held from 9:00 am October 17, 2006 to 12:00 pm October 19,2006.

Total voters: 7048
Total Who Voted: 4410
Percent Who Voted: 62.57%

U-Pass Referendum Question 1

"Do you agree to the increase of student fees by $52.50* per semester (fall and spring semesters only) in order to obtain a city wide bus pass (U-Pass) for all undergraduate students registered in one or more courses at the Lethbridge Campus? (*the current cost of a one month adult bus pass)"

NO Votes - 59.73%  (2634 people)
YES votes - 40.27% (1776 people)

U-Pass Referendum Question 2

"To avoid the cost of a future referendum, do you agree to allow future increase to the cost of the U-Pass, as long as the per semester fee never exceeds the cost of a one month adult bus pass?"

NO Votes - 62.95% (2776 people)
YES votes - 37.05% (1634 people)