2005 CKXU/ Health & Wellness Referendum

Referendum Dates were October 11 - 13, 2005

Total voters: 6448
Total Who Voted: 1734
Percent Who Voted: 26.89%

Health & Wellness Referendum Question

"Effective Fall 2007, after the Students' Union Building mortgage is paid off, do you agree to reallocate a portion of the Students' Union mortgage contribution amount to the Regional Health & Wellness Centre?"

Full-time student contribution $15.00 per semester
Part-time student contribution $7.50 per semester

The Health and Wellness Centre student contribution will not cause an increase in student fees."

NO Votes - 33.79% (586 people)
YES Votes - 66.21% (1148 people)


  • The total amount of funds that the students voted to contribute is 2.5 million dollars over a twelve year period. 
  • In return the University granted the Students' Union the opportunity to name the Fitness Centre. 
  • Only students enrolled on the Lethbridge campus are required to pay these fees. 
  • These fees are separate and distinct from all other Students' Union fees.

CKXU Referendum Question

"In order better to provide for the CKXU Radio Society, of which the students of the University of Lethbridge are the primary stakeholders, do you agree to increase the amount of the student levy from $3 per semester per student to $7 per semester per student?"

NO Votes 61.71% (1070 people)
YES Votes 38.29% (664 people)