Education Rep - Blaine Badiuk

During my term as Education Rep, I feel it is important to look at values. I value transparency, accountability, financial prudence, diversity, intersectionality. I could go on and on, but that is what I bring to the General Assembly. However, part of the role is also to bring student concerns to the Executive Council. The issue that continues to be at the top of my mind is COVID-19 and the unfortunate reality we still live in. I want to better understand how the SU executive was involved in the decision-making process of mandatory vaccinations, return to campus, etc. We need to remember that students hold various positions on these issues, and we represent them all. Health and dental continues to be an issue I hear about, specifically when it comes to mental health services, and transgender healthcare. I would like to call for a full, and comprehensive, review of our current health and dental plan. We have to ensure we are getting the best value, providing the services that students need, and making it as accessible as possible. Lastly, it is ensuring that decisions are being made truly in the best interests of students and not out of spite. We do this by ensuring that all perspectives are at the table, we are provided with various policy options, implications of each policy option, and ensure we always come back to the big picture of incremental improvement. In a nutshell, it is how we can ensure tomorrow is just a bit better than today.