Calgary Campus Rep - Lionel Migrino

Hello and Oki. My name is Lionel Migrino, and my pronouns are he/ him. I am a fifth-year Management student studying majoring in HR and Labour Relations, and I am the elected Calgary Campus Representative in the University of Lethbridge Students Union. I identify myself as a Filipino-Canadian who happens to live with a disability called cerebral palsy. I am proud of my Filipino roots and to be a member of the disability community in Calgary. I recognize that I might be different from most people, but my intersecting identities are a big part. 

 One of my greatest passions in life is photography because it gives me a platform to use my voice and showcase my perspective of the world to others. My other love in life is social advocacy because I want to help create braver and safer spaces for everyone to embrace their differences. I have been an advocate for anti-racism, mental health and disability rights for six years. I enjoy speaking out on social issues and spreading awareness on inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and equity within communities. I am incredibly grateful to have photography and social advocacy in my life because it allows me to have a voice in this world.  As a person of colour with a disability, I face many societal barriers and people like me are often left voiceless within society. 

I have three primary goals for the upcoming school year. One of the goals is to make sure that students are supported during the transition to in-class learning. It will be a challenging adjustment period, and students need that campus support more than ever. I will achieve this goal by working with the Calgary campus to make their campus and academic services more accessible. My other goal is to increase the awareness of diversity, inclusivity, equity and accessibility in the Calgary and Lethbridge campus. The University of Lethbridge must be proactive to do the work to become progressive. I want to help change policies to make the campus life a brave space for anyone to be themselves. I want to provide EDIA initiatives where students and faculty can grow and learn together. My final goal is to provide more networking opportunities for the Calgary students to help with their professional journeys. 

A fun fact about me is that I love to dance, and I facilitate random dance parties in the classroom. I  enjoy dancing in public during very random times because what is the point of living life if you are not having fun! 

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