Arts & Science Rep - Ryan Lindblad

My name is Ryan Lindblad, this is my fifth year at the University and I am finishing up my Political Science degree. The University of Lethbridge has been a defining chapter in my life, not only because of the value of post-secondary education but also because of the larger University community itself. Moving away from home was incredibly difficult for me to do because of how close I have always been with my family, and for the first couple of months here, I honestly thought I would transfer out and go back home. However as I slowly got more involved and began to meet more people, the University became a second home, and today it is the place where I get to cherish friends, experience, and learning. Engagement is important to me because over the years, I became a more active participant in campus and the opportunity to live on campus has allowed me to grow to love this place. I would love the opportunity to get further involved in the institution that has become a second home for me, because the idea of being able to facilitate that positive experience for others here is something that I would find truly rewarding.

I believe that a lot of good can be accomplished through committees, They are a great way to represent student needs and voices, and the variety of the committees also provides a great range of opportunities to be able to further improve the experiences of students. 

I will be working towards facilitating a positive working relationship with the interim and incoming dean, I will be emailing Matthew Letts to get a better understanding of his role and asking his opinion on how the Students' Union could contribute to improve the experiences of Arts and Science students. Having this insight will allow me to be better prepared to serve students and advocate for change. As for when the new Arts and Science dean is selected, as simple as it sounds I have always believed that sitting down and having a conversation with someone face to face is the best way to actually be able to get to know and understand someone, and to understand what they value in their work. So I believe something as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee can go a long way in beginning to facilitate that relationship between representatives and the incoming Arts and Science Dean.

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