Arts & Science Rep - Cayley Fleischman

About Me

Hello and Oki! My name is Cayley Fleischman (she/her) and I am one of your Arts & Science Representatives for the 2021-2022 academic year. Currently, I am in my fourth year of a neuroscience and psychology combined degree with a minor in mental health. While I now live in Lethbridge full-time, I hold dual citizenship with the United States and moved to Canada in 2018 to attend university. I’ll be honest, it took awhile to get adjusted and even now there are still some things I do that are uniquely American (if you ever meet me in person, please don’t ask me to pronounce the word crayon), but I’ve really enjoyed living in Canada thus far!

In my spare time, I have a pretty eclectic set of hobbies that I enjoy! Over the summer break I spend time either swimming, hiking, or cycling and can usually be found outdoors doing something. During the colder months I’ve taken to playing Pokémon and Dungeons & Dragons as well as spending time on campus with friends! I’m also a huge hockey fan and my first tears of joy were cried at a Colorado Avalanche game when I was four (and they’ve been my favorite team ever since).

Over the past three years I’ve worked in the Gibb Lab at the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience helping with research on preconception experiences involving alcohol, nicotine, and enrichment. These opportunities have had an immense impact on my future and I’m hoping to pursue a master’s in neuroscience so I can engage in community outreach as that’s where my passions lie!

My Initiatives

During this term I want to continue with the ULSU’s internal and external advocacy campaigns as well as continue to work on improving the campus sexual violence policy at the university. Another area of concern I’d like to address is inclusivity and accommodations for students with disabilities, especially in regard to classroom practices and undergraduate research funding. When it comes to my own initiatives, I am hoping to continue with some ongoing projects as well as host some new events that I believe will help better the student experience. Over the past year I’ve worked to create a mentorship program between our student leaders and staff in the Faculty of Arts & Science which I hope to run once more and expand to other faculties. I’m also aiming to host some lecture events for students covering important topics like academic offenses as well as host a student services showcase highlighting some of the amazing supports we have here at uLeth! Finally, I’m looking to host monthly townhalls where students can come and meet with their respective representatives to ask questions, give comments, and bring up concerns.

Thank you so much for re-electing me and I look forward to continuing to represent you all. As always, be sure to read my monthly reports to see what projects I’m working on and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

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