2013 Constitution Referendum

2013 Constitution Referendum


Yes: 700 (88.83%) - No: 88 (11.17%)

Voter Turnout: 11.15% 

Referendum Question

“Do you approve of amending the Constitution of the University of Lethbridge Students Union as proposed by the ULSU General Assembly with the changes coming into effect on May 1, 2013?”

Proposed new constitution with changes can be found HERE

Details of the Referendum

Any changes to the ULSU Constitution are required to be approved by referendum. Changes to the referendum were proposed by the General Assembly in December 2012 for which a vote was held from January 30 to February 1, 2013. Any ULSU referendum requires to have a voter turnout of at least 10% to be valid.

The following is a list of the proposed changes which were approved by the referendum:

  • Adding a definition of the VP External
  • Changing the name of the VP Internal Affairs to VP Student Affairs
  • Updating the amendatory process for simplicity and transparency. Right now, there are two ways to amend the bylaws, so we are cleaning it up so there is only one way.
  • Changing quorum to update for a new 5 member Executive Council. If the referendum passes then we can include the new position for the General Election.
  • Changing the conflict of interest so you are not in conflict of interest if you are ratifying a club.

As a result of this vote, the upcoming General Election for the 2013-14 Student Union Executive Council will include the newly restructured 5 Member Executive Council. Nominations for the upcoming General Election will be open from February 4-14, with campaigning occurring from February 23-March 4, and with online voting open from March 6-8.