2011 UPass Referendum Results

UPass Question (October 26, 2011)

“Do you support the adoption of a universal bus pass with an opt-out for students residing outside of the service area as well as for students doing practicum work outside of Lethbridge for more than three quarters of the semester, at a price of $77.50 per semester for a one year trial period, and agree to send it to a future referendum for approval in February 2013 should this referendum be successful”?

NO      1863      (64.58%)

YES    1022       (35.42%)

PERCENT VOTED: 42.32% (2888 of 6825 voters)    

U of L Students let their voices be heard - NO UPass on Campus!

The University of Lethbridge undergraduate population has spoken.

In this year’s referendum, 2888 of the 6825 eligible undergraduate students went to the polls, 42.32% of the eligible student population. 64.58% (1863 students) of these students selected ‘NO’ on the 2011 UPass Referendum voting card.

 35.42% (1022 students) of the students voted ‘YES’ on the referendum.

The defeated 2011 Upass proposal included two major additions since the last referendum in 2006. Firstly, students on practicum outside of Lethbridge, living outside the service area or taking distance learning courses were be eligible to opt-out of the program. Secondly, if the proposal were to be approved, it would be subject to a one year term and would return to referendum in February 2013 for permanent approval.

Similar to 2006, the price of the UPass was to be tied to an adult monthly pass, meaning it would have cost $77.50 per semester.