1st Year Rep - Amreet Gill

I am a passionate youth who likes to participate in various opportunities to learn more about my community and the world. I have volunteered for many years, helping out with different projects in Calgary. Fields I enjoy working in include mental health, children and education, youth engagement, and girls empowerment. I am now pursuing a degree in Psychology and Marketing at UofL. I hope to make a greater impact in the community by connecting with students and addressing the needs of the first year population.


As a member of the Students’ Union Council, I intend to plan initiatives that will inspire positivity, friendship, and diversity. I have three ideas for prospective projects that I hope will motivate students to make more connections and become immersed in the UofL experience. The first initiative I hope to develop is a campus-wide book sale, in which students can donate their used books - novels, textbooks, journals, literary works, etc. All collected material will be put up for sale in order to fundraise money for girls’ education and leadership. I hope to work with Interactive Impact, which is a Calgary based fundraising team that supports the Create Change Foundation. This charity is an active organization that provides young girls in Ghana with leadership training, work experience, and education sponsorship. This book sale will help UofL students access different texts they wish to read for a reasonable price, and it will also inspire social change by encouraging students to participate in the cause of empowering young girls and women.

My second idea consists of cultural display and acceptance of diversity. I am thinking of an event that showcases the different cultures and backgrounds of the students on campus. There will be performances, cultural food, information booths, and art displays that will give students a platform to learn about the diversity our campus possesses. Students can sign up for the activities they wish to lead, and participants can attend the event as they please. Lastly, I hope to plan a Kindness Campaign where students and staff can perform Random Acts of Kindness for each other over a certain period of time. It is believed that when many people come together to work on something meaningful, a great impact is made in the community. 


Email: a.gill@uleth.ca