ULSU Strategic Plan

The ULSU Strategic Plan 2011-2015 is a working document; it is flexible yet specific. It is carefully tailored to allow for new initiatives and ideas while still forming the strong framework capable of providing valuable guidance to future executives. It is the ultimate hope in creating this Strategic Plan that the ULSU can ensure each student is receiving quality service, thriving programs, and extraordinary opportunities which enhance the experience of the student both in an academic and non-academic setting.

This Plan recognizes that both our student body and organization have changed throughout the history of this University, and that it will continue to evolve into the future. Enrolments have increased dramatically in the last decade, as have the opinions and needs of our student population. The Strategic Plan acknowledges that our organization must continue to grow in future years in order to best serve our changing student body.

This Strategic Plan is centered on four main priorities which are broad in focus and comprehensive in scale. Together these priorities encompass everything we strive for as an organization and will provide a road map to success for future years. 

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