Ballroom Rental Policies

Students' Union Policies

Please add 5% GST to all prices.  Prices are guaranteed for 60 days.
All prices are subject to change.
Prices do not include gratuity except as indicated.

The Students’ Union will accept payment in the form of cash, credit card or debit card.  No cheques will be

Room Rental Payment

To secure your booking, full room rental is due upon booking and paid to the Students’ Union.  An invoice will be provided at that time. 

Alcohol & Staff Service Payment
Payment for all ULSU bar, staff and equipment services must be made a minimum of five days in advance of the event.  Payment can be made to the Food and Beverage Manager or at the Students’ Union, room SU180.  Methods of payment include, cash, credit card or debit card.  No cheques will be accepted.
Room rental is non-refundable.  Any other assessed charges which have been paid are non-refundable if cancellation is less than 14 days prior to the event.

If you choose to book the Ballroom(s) for decorating, you may do so at half the cost of regular Ballroom prices. Please arrange your decorating schedule with our Operations Coordinator.  For decorating restrictions please refer to the “Decorating Policy” in this booklet.

Count Guarantees
Guaranteed attendance numbers for your event are required one week in advance.  This number may not be reduced during the one week prior to the event.  If a final guarantee of attendance numbers is not supplied to the Operations Coordinator within this time frame, you will be billed for the expected guest count noted on the original documentation.  


The Ballrooms can be booked for an event with a “last call” at 12:30 a.m., and with the event wrap-up at 1:30 a.m.  This policy supercedes any time established on a liquor permit.  For events which proceed after 1:30 a.m., a surcharge of $200 will be assessed in addition to any labour costs.

The Students’ Union will provide events with the following staffing structure, which will be directly billed to the booking party:

•  1 Bartender/100 people and/or fraction thereof.
•  1 Corridor /Door Security for all events.
•  1 Porter/Security per 100 people or fraction thereof.
•  1  Manager/Supervisor (Food and Beverage Manager, The Operations Coordinator, or the General Manager).

The customer is responsible to arrange and pay for 100% of the linen costs.

DJ Equipment
The Students’ Union appointed DJ is the only person permitted to operate our electronic system.  External DJ’s may be engaged but must supply all of their own equipment.


Guests attending an evening event any time after 5:00 pm, or a weekend event, may park at no cost in any parking spot on campus with the exception of meter parking.  However, if your event is scheduled during a weekday you will need to arrange for parking permits.  The best way to do this is to let our Operations Coordinator know what your parking needs are when you book the Ballroom(s) for your event.

Pets / Animals
No animals are permitted in the Students’ Union Ballrooms, with the exception of trained and certified working dogs which assist persons with disabilities.  This restriction also applies to fish and birds which are used for decorations.
Personal Property
The Students’ Union assumes no responsibility for personal property including the unsupervised coat check.

Lost or Damaged Equipment
Lost or damaged equipment will be billed to client rentals on the basis of full replacement value.

Refusal of Booking
The Students’ Union reserves the right to refuse the booking of a function, or to cancel a booking if payment provisions have not been honoured.

University of Lethbridge Policies

Smoking Policy
The University of Lethbridge has established an inside smoke free environment for students, faculty, staff and guests.  However, smoking is allowed outside as long as you are 15 or more meters away from a door or window.  For your convenience, please look for the smoking signs, and ashtrays around campus.

Catering Policy
In accordance with University of Lethbridge policy.  Events in the Ballrooms may be catered only by the Students’ Union or the University of Lethbridge Food Services. LA Chefs may also be booked for catering and can be contacted at 403-320-7702.

Alcohol Policy
The Students’ Union adheres to the University of Lethbridge’s Alcohol Policy.  If the host (you) are purchasing alcohol and reselling it to the guests,  both a liquor and resale permit must be purchased through an authorized AGLC outlet.  Home brewed alcohol is not permitted.  All liquor must be purchased through an authorized AGLC outlet.  Only the Students’ Union employed Bartenders are permitted to serve liquor at a function where alcohol is served.

Decorating Policy
All types of balloons (helium or regular) must be securely anchored down at all times. Hay or straw, sand, glitter, confetti etc. are not permitted.  Tape is not permitted on glass or painted surfaces.  Candle flames must be totally surrounded by a container, and the flame must not rise above the edge.

The Students’ Union reserves the right to remove or alter any decoration which may contravene a building, safety, or fire code.