Health & Dental Opt Out

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All fulltime students (3 or more classes) are automatically registered onto the ULSU health and dental plan.  If you have alternate insurance coverage you may opt out on the Bridge or at this link:https://login.uleth.ca/cas/login?service=https://bridgelink.uleth.ca/ssomanager/c/SSBYou will need to provide proof of your insurance benefits.  Provincial health care benefits are not alternate insuran...

How Fresh Is Too Fresh??

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The season of Fresh Fest is almost upon us and we couldn't be more excited!We have 3 action packed days planned with everything from fun in the sun, to special movie screenings in our ballrooms. Fully Fresh Package holders are encouraged to pick up their packages before the festivities begin on Thursday, Sept. 7th, and those packages can be found in our Students' Union main office, SU180 (lvl 1 of t...

What's New With Health & Dental?

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This year our benefit provider has changed to Medavie Blue Cross.  Please stop by the Students’ Union office, SU180 to pick up a new benefit card and brochure. Part time students may add onto the ULSU benefits, just submit an add on from and pay for the benefits at the Students’ Union office, SU180.  Students with dependents may also add their dependents to the ULSU benefits ...