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The stylist should ask, and the bride should advise, about special needs and requests when an entire bridal party is going to be styled. Consider every need in advance, and discuss the varied types of hair a stylist will encounter on the wedding day. Photographs help a lot. Different products are required for different hair types, and your stylist needs complete information about your wedding party in order to be prepared.

Most brides arrive prepared for their destination wedding with the gown, veil, shoes, hair adornments and jewelry ready to go. A stylist can provide advice if an adornment is broken or misplaced along the way, and she may avert a fashion "crisis" with her knowledge of local vendors, or a simple idea to use flowers instead of jewels in your tresses. (And yes, there is a full-service Key West bridal store, and yes, women have found replacement gowns at local department stores in a pinch.)

On the day of the wedding, the bride and other members of the party should prepare for their transformation by arriving with hair dry and clean, and exfoliated skin. The stylists will take it from there.

Engaging the services of a professional stylist to ensure your makeup and hair is just right is one more step toward arriving at the altar looking perfectly stunning and feeling perfectly relaxed on your perfectly special day.