2007 CKXU, Daycare, Nursing, Referendums

On-Line Referendum Results for CKXU, Daycare, and Nursing Students

Held October 26, 2007 at 9:00 am - October 30, 2007 at 4:00 pm

1.  CKXU

"In order to better provide for the continued maintenance operation, and growth of CKXU 88.3 FM (the University of Lethbridge's own campus community radio station) do you support an increase from the current levy of three dollars ($3) per student per semester to five dollars ($5) per student per semester"?

Yes votes 1172
No votes 1076, no answer 59 - (32.47% voter turnout - 2307 of 7105 voters)

(All Lethbridge campus undergraduate students, full and part?time, will realize an increase of $2/semester in their CKXU fees. Only Lethbridge campus undergraduate students were eligible to vote on this referendum question. This excluded: Calgary & Edmonton campus students, exchange students, and out-of-town Co-Op Program students).

2.  Daycare

"Do you authorize the Students' Union to invest $200,000 from the Students' Union Building (SUB) Fund for the Capital requirements of an on?campus Daycare facility, with the understanding that this will not lead to any increase in the SUB Fund fees; and

Do you further authorize the Students' Union to contract with the University of Lethbridge to maintain this contribution in the Daycare for as long as it operates, and in the event the Daycare closes, the capital contribution transfers from the Daycare back to the Students' Union"?

YES votes 1871

No votes 466, no answer 36 - (29.63% voter turnout - 2375 of 8015 voters)

(The majority vote "yes", authorizing the Student Council to release $200,000 from Students' Union Building Fund Reserves TO the University of Lethbridge, for the purpose of constructing an on?campus daycare building at the U of L. There will be no increase or change in fees. All U of L students, on all campuses, in all programs were eligible to vote on this referendum question).

3.  Nursing Students

"Do you support collecting the Canadian Nursing Students' Association annual fees each September along with tuition? This will ensure the University of Lethbridge does not forfeit its CNSA chapter status. Fees are five dollars ($5) per full?time student per year and three dollars ($3) per part?time student per year"?

YES votes 74

No votes 3, no answer 1 - (43.33% voter turnout - 78 of 180 voters)

(Fees for Nursing undergraduates ONLY will go up, effective Sept, 2008: $5/year full-time, and $3/year part-time. If the majority vote "no", then this fee would have not been implemented and Nursing students would be responsible for their own individual membership in the CNSA. Only Nursing Undergraduate students of the NESA program were eligible to vote on this referendum question. Only the nursing students are required to pay these fees.)

Information on the Questions

The Students' Union held a Referendum on CKXU fees, Daycare, and a specific question which will only apply to Nursing students.  To download information on the "Questions" please click on the PDF links below.