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VP Operations & Finance - Michael Kawchuk

I am born and raised in Lethbridge and am currently taking my Management degree at the University. While in school I have been employed part time at BMO as a teller. This year I have sat on the General Assembly as the Management Rep and have greatly enjoyed my time. My time at the school has been the best time of my life and would not trade it for the world. The University of Lethbridge has given me the opportunity to plan events like fresh fest, help compete in Case challenges like the CFA research challenge, and attend business seminars like the Rocky Mountain business seminars. The experiences I have had at the University have been amazing and I hope to be able to give back and continue to grow from new experiences. School keeps me busy but some of the activities I enjoy outside of class comedies, running, sailing, and swimming.

My platform involves four key points. The first is I believe Brady Schnell has done an excellent job in his current position and I would like to continue on some of the points that I have discussed with him in my current position in the Students' Union. I am happy to be able to continue where Brady left off with him leaving big shoes to fill and encouraging me to do a lot in my upcoming position.

With that said my second point is I understand changes are coming to the council structure and one of the positions with a major change is Operations and Finance. Operations and Finance use to fill part of the new external role in meeting with outside bodies of the Student Union the new structure will greatly reduce this leaving the position with more time for other areas. I understand with the new structure some changes need to be made but I am excited at the opportunity to be the first in this new role.

This leads on to my third point and really the reason I am running for this position is I want to focus on cost controls that are non-value added for the students at this university. As with any organization with time there are areas that may not provide a great benefit for the cost they incur. In my new position with more focus on the Operations and Finance I hope to focus in on these costs and look for ways to reducing them. In reducing these costs we will be better able to fund future student activities.

My final point is that I think used textbooks can have better use than being sold to the bookstore for a little bit of cash. I hope to look at doing fundraising through textbook re-sales or to find a better way to distribute used textbooks that give benefit for our students and reduce their costs.


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