VP Operations & Finance - Chris


Rockerman's Service Centre is currently a convenience store located on the second floor of the Students’ Union building in the food court. As it stands now, Rockerman's is primarily a vendor of beef jerky, energy drinks, and bus passes. I would like to rework the store into more of a small grocery store with a strong selection of healthy food and raw ingredients where students, and the university community as a whole, can shop for food basics, minimizing dependence on certain drug stores located nearby but still off campus. While our space is currently limited, I intend to look at potentially expanding the space Rockerman's occupies into Galileo's. As far as improving the selection of food itself, I would look at partnering with an organization such as Associated Grocers (AG Foods) to bring in more typical grocery store product, while also possibly partnering with the farmer's market, and even directly with local farmers to provide fresh, locally grown produce. I will also examine Rockerman's operations as whole, to balance profitability (which directly benefits the ULSU and the services we offer) with keeping the store open for longer hours to ensure convenience for the university community, particularly those who live on campus.

Chris' Goals

1. Food Court
Put a new Students’ Union owned and operated restaurant or food kiosk into the food court.

2. Rockerman’s Service Centre
Bring healthy food and more of a grocery store/farmer's market environment into Rockerman's.

3. The Zoo
Work on and with the Zoo to increase traffic, promote events, and become a destination pub.

4. Stronger Students’ Union Building Community
Try to build a stronger university community around the SU and the Students’ Union Building.

Contact Info for Chris Vokey

Tel: (403) 329-2292
Email: su.finance@uleth.ca