1997 Dental Plan Referendum

The Dental Plan Referendum was held October 20 - 22, 1997.

Total number of registered voters - 4973
Total number of ballots cast - 11.1% (552 people)


"Are you in favour of the Students' Union, University of Lethbridge participating in a Dental Care Plan, as detailed following, at a cost of $110 per year, per student, such amount to be added to the Students' Union fees unless alternate coverage is demonstrated?  This fee is subject to adjustments from time to time to cover premium and administrative cost, and adjustments to the plan design which are approved by the Students' Union Council? Should the total cost of providing the Dental Plan exceed $135 per year per student then a referendum will be required."

NO votes - 38.6% (213 people)
YES votes - 61.2% (338 people)