Arts & Science Rep - Becca Parkkari

Hello everyone! My name is Becca Parkkari, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m a third-year student in my Indigenous Studies degree. I am one of your Arts and Science representatives. In the past three years as a student at the University of Lethbridge I have seen some amazing events put on by the Students' Union, however, I have noticed there has been a noticeable emphasis on leisurely events rather than academic and mental/physical health events. I find it extremely important to hold mental health week up to the same standard that something like sexy week is held to. When looking through the promoted events by the Students' Union in the past year I found that the social events out way the mental health and academic events which in my opinion should not be the case. I have some ideas on how to improve engagement and effective for all students. I am also hoping to have the opportunity to work with the Academic Advisors to create a schedule that would allow for some days to be available for booking appointments while still allowing for walk in opportunities. This plan would allow for those who only have certain times available between classes to visit advising while making sure the bookings wouldn’t be too backed up by having walk in days. Throughout the past year I have been given some amazing opportunities to advocate for more inclusive communities for FNMI students and would love to continue on with this work. The position of an Arts and Science Representative is to advocate for the students and provide a line of communication between the departments and the Arts and Science students. I am prepared to fight for what is best for students in their post-secondary journey.

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