ULSU Food Court

The Students' Union Food Court is located on the second level of the Students' Union Building, and provides students with 6 food kiosks, 1 convenience store and the U of L Bookstore, with over 200 available seats.

Rockerman's Service Centre

Your Campus convenience store
PH: (403) 382-7147

Baadshah Cafe

Great Indian cuisine!


Mexican Food
Frozen Yogurt
PH: (403) 332-0212


The Fresh Alternative to Fast Food
PH: (403) 380-6161


Wanna get Fresh? Try Hiroba
PH: (403) 320-2877


Come and try a new great taste Burgers, Fries, Fresh Salad, and much more!
PH: (403) 320-2877

Smoothie Hut

Wraps, Pitas, Smoothies and more!
PH: (403) 332-0212

Coffee Company

Take a break and treat yourself to creamy cappuccinos, rich flavored
coffees, or a homemade muffin, baked fresh every day.
PH: (403) 329- 2520

U of L Bookstore

Online store, School Supplies, Memorabilia, Software and More.
PH: (403) 329-2611