VP Academic - Lisa

Hello there fellow academics! So glad you are taking the time to learn more about the Students’ Union, and by doing so, you get to be so lucky to learn a little more about me too! What can I say about my life that won’t bore anyone to death? Well, I’ve been bouncing around this beautiful province my whole life and now strangely call both Grande Prairie and Lethbridge home. It makes for some lengthy road trips, but thankfully I also love driving. When you move so much as a kid, and later on as an adult, what makes home for you is a little different than say a birthplace or a parents’ house. What makes Lethbridge and Grande Prairie home is two extreme passions of mine: Academics and Rugby. Both cities have provided me with opportunities to engage in what I love and have given me the families that share my passions. Quite frankly I’m a clumsy, loud, and awkward individual and so somehow I’ve fit myself into the interests of politics, academia, and athletics, however I managed that I always consider myself fortunate. You will likely find me with a smile on my face, and while I take my jobs very seriously, I have never found much interest in taking myself as seriously, so please don’t worry about bothering me and some say hi!

From your faithful VP Academic,
Lisa Hildebrand

Contact Info

Tel: (403) 329-2770
Email: su.academic@uleth.ca