VP Academic - Charlie

Academic Speakers

This year I hope that the Academic Speaker Series can have a real impact on students' day to day lives. Not just one afternoon of excitement, but I hope to bring in speakers that drive students to think deeper afterwards. The goals of this year are motivation and engaging with your university education. We are living on the cusp of major societal changes and increasing stress on university students. These factors have led too many to question what they should do with their lives, now and post-grad. The speakers I am considering all will hopefully drive students to engage in the university community to discover the myriad of opportunities waiting just outside of the classroom, where much of the learning is.
I believe that there is so much more to University than just sitting in a classroom. Getting a degree is one thing, but applying those skills and that knowledge to make your campus and community better is how you develop an education and make the degree worthwhile. The Academic Speaker Series will be motivational, fun, and exciting, but I hope that it will also drive people to reflect and discover their own unique strengths so that they can join together with others to flourish as individuals and as a community. The speakers will motivate people to embrace the ancient roots of why we are all here: Liberal Education. After each event, I will feel successful if anyone decides to more closely embrace the connections between education, creativity, initiative, and citizenship.

Charlie’s Goals

1. Student Representation
  • I want to continue and expand student representation at every possible level to ensure that our rights and desires are respected.
  • To do this I will make sure I fill every possible committee seat I can, and investigate if further openings can be made. This goal extends to promoting student voting in the upcoming federal election.

2. Campus, Community, and the ULSU
  • I want to bring the campus closer together, and especially I want to bring the ULSU closer to the student body. The ULSU organizes a lot of events, programs, etc. but I feel that a closer, more personal approach can be greatly expanded beyond what exists.
  • More one-on-one time with other students will be useful. One method will be to open up and publicize executives' office hours. Use of notice boards and/or tabling will help.
  • I hope to educate more students about what the ULSU is and all that it offers. Beyond that simple notion, I will broaden the appeal of the ULSU overall. More engagement with students makes all our programs and events better, which in turn helps students more.

3. Academic Atmosphere
  • I want students to have more outlets to actually engage with what they are learning, not just when they are in class. I hope to use our educations to fuel application of free speech and debate on campus. I feel that this runs very closely in line with the University's focus on Liberal Education by getting to the roots of that ideal.

4. Mental Health
  • My prior points should have indirect and positive contributions to the broader mental health campaign. Some contributions are security of education, education about resources available, community, support, and personal connections.
  • More direct support is also desirable. I will continue support for a fall reading week, for more student resources, events like Mental Health Week, and collaborate with existing resources to help students however I can. Going through the Mental Health Training Program is a specific goal.

Contact Info for Charlie Helmer-Smith

Tel: (403) 329-2770

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Monday: 10am -12pm
Tuesday: 9am -11am
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Email: su.academic@uleth.ca