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VP Academic - Katie Kalmar

Hi, my name is Katie Kalmar and I am a fourth year history major. I have lived in residence for the last 4 years and this has allowed me to easily access Students' Union events and services. I first got involved with the Students' Union in my third year as an eager volunteer. I have received a Fresh Fest volunteer award two years in a row for my volunteer work during one of the Students' Union's largest and most successful events. Currently, I am a member of the Students' Union General Assembly as an Arts and Science Representative and Commissioner to the current VP Academic, Julia Adolf. In my time on the General Assembly I have had the opportunity to identify areas where the Students' Union can expand and improve.

I want to increase the number of academic workshops available to students. Academic workshops are important because they help provide students with hands on learning and additional assistants transitioning into university, or simply building on less developed skills. I want to look at partnering with university departments such as Counseling Services, the library, and the Writing Centre to develop more diverse academic workshops. By working with these departments the ability to target a greater number of students would be possible, making the overall workshops a greater success. Workshop ideas I have include: study and test taking techniques, research strategies, public speaking, and writing tips.

In looking at existing academic events put on by the Students' Union, I want to find innovative ways to draw in more students. One major thing is the Student Speaker Challenge, put on by the ULSU, LPIRG, and SACPA. I have seen this event draw in less and less attention over the past few years, this bothers me because it is an amazing opportunity for students to share their thoughts and opinions. One thing that was done this year was a workshop to help interested students prepare, this is something I'd like to continue, but approach it in a different manner in order to draw in more people.

I will strive to create a greater emphasis around the Quality of Education at our institution and develop more effective means of evaluating quality around these areas. Currently, student evaluations of professors only occur during the last weeks of the semester, through working with the different faculty councils we would be able to address some of the issues with the current evaluation system. Maintaining a great working connection with CAETL, which will soon be called the Teaching Centre is also of great importance because they act as a resource for professor to access. 

Office Hours

Monday: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Thursday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Contact Information

PH: 403-329-2770