VP Student Affairs - Danielle

 Club Communication

Clubs are a vital part of campus life and provide many students with the chance to interact with others outside of the academic world. There are always ways to improve the communication between clubs and the students we have here on campus. One of the things I would like to implement is a monthly club news letter. It will be circulated to all the clubs and placed on the ULSU website under the clubs tab. The letter will showcase different things that the clubs are doing throughout the month. This will include events, awards they've received, community work, fundraising events. This will help clubs get more information out to other clubs and the public. Another avenue to help clubs communicate with the student body and with each other is to make sure they know the advertising options available to them.

Danielle's Goals

1. Effective communication
Make sure to communicate well to both the students I am representing and to those on the GA. That also means making myself available for students to talk to and ask me questions.

2. Student Engagement
Listen to student suggestions and try to address at least some of them about. Hold meetings for this where people can attend and maybe have them more frequently (2x a month)

3. Have Fun
Encourage fun times for not just myself but as much of the school community as I can reach. University isn't all about studying, some fun should be thrown in there as well. I will do this by building off of events that we already have and then introducing some new ideas.

4. Revamp Frostbite

Contact Info for Danielle Adams

PH: 403-329-5155
Email: su.studentaffairs@uleth.ca 
Office Hours: Tue, Wed, Thurs: 1pm - 3pm