VP Student Affairs - Ameet

Hello everyone,  

My name is Ameet Kumar and I am your Vice-President of Student Affairs this academic school year. Representing students has always been a passion of mine, and I am thrilled that this year I have been given to opportunity to do so in the form of hosting a plethora of campus wide events and working with all of our diverse clubs here on campus.  

I am entering my fourth year of academic studies with a double major in biology and chemistry, and my first year being a part of the ULSU. Career wise I aspire to finish my education here with a bachelor of science, alongside a bachelor of education.  

Goals I have for the upcoming year include, but are not limited to the following: increasing the diversity and quantity of events the ULSU holds for its' students, assisting clubs to maximize their potential in whatever capacity I am able to, and empower individual students whether they are looking to create a new club, or provide them with volunteer opportunities around campus.  

Starting in September, and going all year long I will also be revamping the Student Engagement Committee. This committee will be open to any student on campus who is wishing to be a part of assisting myself in one of the ULSU's events, or running their own initiative. If you have any questions, or want to discuss something mentioned above feel free to contact me. My office is always open as well to any student wishing to talk. 

Contact Info for Ameet Kumar

PH: 403-329-5155
Email: su.studentaffairs@uleth.ca 
Office Hours: