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VP Student Affairs - Adam Long

I will implement a variety of new events to the Student Union along with sustaining current events that have showed success. One place I will start is the creation of a Club Fair that will take place during the middle of the first semester. I have seen the success of Club Rush Week at the beginning of each semester, but also feel that the start of the semester is a busy time for students and we may not have had the chance to establish friendships with other students yet. As a result it is intimidating to approach club tables to acquire information and possibly sign up. Once we are further into the semesters students feel more at ease with their surroundings and have established relationships with fellow classmates. In saying this I feel a Club Fair organized more in the middle of the semester will be an effective way for clubs to recruit and gain new members to join their club. I would also like to create more of a community between clubs and work on ways to unite their efforts so that they can collaborate on future endeavors. To do this I would like create the opportunity for clubs to sponsor tables in the Zoo, on these sponsored tables a plaque with the club name and year of establishment will be secured to the table of choice. As well with a way for clubs to get information out to students each table will have a broacher holder that may contain but not limited to; newsletter, club bios, upcoming events, and general club information. And lastly as a way to continue bring clubs together I will organize “Club Nights” in the Zoo where once a week clubs will have the chance to sit at their sponsored table with any members that want to join them.  Here clubs will gain the opportunity to meet other clubs and learn about what they are involved in. These efforts will be in hopes that clubs will be able to learn from each other and get more involved helping with different events.

As someone who has been involved and influenced by the boarding community for a large part of my life I have been working on bringing a snowboard/ski rail jam to University grounds. After doing extensive research and planning it is a very realistic event to be hosted on the campus grounds. I intend to continue organization of this event along with a Kokanee Stage that will entertain battle of the bands. The event will be held in the Grove and be an all-day outdoor venue. If you’re wondering what a rail jam is, think ski hill Terrain Park on a smaller scale in the Grove. Athletes will compete on a selection of different features provided by Castle Mountain Resort to win the judges scores and the crowds applause. From here we will work with cash prizes and product give-a-ways for the athletes that stand out in their skill levels.  

Lastly I want to use me education as a Business student in Marketing Research to listen to what the students want to see as far as future events go. I will have the white boards set up around the school to get ideas and opinions from students, as well I will organize street teams to walk around campus and ask students what they would like to see at the UofL. With this information I will be able to create events that are influenced directly by the students and ensure they feel a sense of pride in coming up with the idea.
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my platform as a candidate for VP Student Affairs and look forward to representing you in the upcoming semesters.

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PH: 403-329-5155

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Monday: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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