President - Sean

Hey everyone!

My name is Sean Glydon, and I am ULSU President for the 2014/15 year. What does the President do all day? Do I get a Secret Service? To the first question, the President is the face of the organization, so I handle (most) of the media requests, I also sit on all of the high level University committees that the ULSU has a representative on, and on top of that, I help the VP External with conducting external advocacy. Plus, I'm there to make sure that all of the VPs are able to complete their objectives, while trying to complete a few of my own projects. So really, my job is probably the least spelled out, but has quite a number of different things that keep me busy, if I was to compare it to the VP roles, the way the ULSU organizational structure looks to me is that the four VPs have specialized roles that they each focus on, while the President is a generalist that helps where needed. I ran on a platform that was comprised of improving student mental health, improving relationships between the ULSU and other Lethbridge student organizations, as well as seeing a few advocacy pieces through from my last year as VP External. To answer the second question, I don't have a Secret Service, although, how cool would that be? When I'm not working, I work out a lot, I Crossfit, hike often, and I recently took up archery. I also read a lot of books. When I'm finished my degree, I want to be a police officer in the Calgary Police Service.

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Tel: (403) 329-2221