President - Brenna


Communication is such an integral part of the Students’ Union and student body and I believe it is something we can always work to improve. Being a University of roughly 8000 students it can be difficult to reach all students to make sure they know about all the services that the Students’ Union offers as well as all of our events. I want to continue to improve our communication not only through the ULSU website and posters, but through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as word of mouth. I am a big advocate for an open door policy with myself and all of our executives and staff members. I also plan to implement a ULSU weekly newsletter called "SUP" (Student Union Press) which will be emailed to all students once a week. Clubs and groups on campus are welcome to get involved with this as well, by emailing in their upcoming events and news to For those of you who know me I consider myself a very friendly person so I welcome students to drop by my office to chat or share their thoughts and ideas for the Students’ Union, I am here to represent you!

Brenna’s Goals

1. Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health is becoming such a prevalent issue with students and I think it is an issue that we address and don't shy away from. We have to work towards getting rid of the stigma that is associated with Mental Health. I plan to continue and elaborate on the Elephant in the Room campaign and work closely with Counselling Services and the Student Success Centre.

2. Communication
To help enhance communication between the Students’ Union and students I plan to send out a weekly Students’ Union newsletter.

3. Advocacy
I will work hard to advocate for students both provincially with CAUS and federally with CASA. As a student myself I am able to see what students want and need.

Contact Info for Brenna Scott

Tel: (403) 329-2221

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1-3pm.